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Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the need. need. 3 local businesses... p donate voounteers... for the work done...//. the... &p canned vegeeables ...and... pith turkeys... in theecominn weeks.../, just... two years ago... hundred boxes. .../ today,... they will pack... 15 thousand! the... meel drrve... is a tradition... for many of these hope someday... soon.../ they.... won't be 4137 absolutely. ts sad to country today. whateeer we glad to do. s sooething we're - this is a holiday event.... / &p but a recent study shhws 460 thousanddmarylannees on he table. how are the roads ooking tonii? tonighttbrandi proctor has our peport.. 3&mapliberty40shawanmap395map prrparations... for hurricane sandy./ at 5:30/... janice... parks... talks to... p a.../ b- g- e... rep... to... find oot they're getting ready... for this stormm 3 destruction in cuba already have a live update from floridd on the trackkand 5 big companies... looking to hire.what they are... and why you might want to look therr firsst...beforr any place else. p-adblib weather t
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
into the local commmnities, the jobs are poing to be maer, therefore t witakeonr to get the necoterkne bge says unlike the june derecho.... they haa advance warnnng... and wereebetter company called innnearly 19- hundred ouu oo state workers to hhep with repairs. &pthat brings us to our eson of tayyytid &wi-g-e's response so far. go to fox-baltimore dot com facebook. send us a tweet.. h - at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for ye o orph rawlingg blake assessed baatimoree city'' rrsponse to hurricane sandy she praised the city's pirst responders for working effectively under extreme both police and firefighters with answering evy emergency call dg he of the 31628e aole been outstanding, pheir dedication and ability every 911 respond to call..police say ttey received just ten cls mday ng on// oe hardest hit areassof marylandwas sommrset county. so governor o'malleyyleft baltimoretoday on state police helicopperto get an aerial view offthe damage. flooding over e past two days has ford many resideets out gnoioffitast thind. (governo
Oct 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
.""he trooper's... firrt... nnar-death eeperience... waa n the side pf a local highway....///hee was arrrsting... a... drunkkdrivvr.... wwen. ..another car... slammed into his patrol vehicle../ car... into him nd his suspect. plan to ecord video and audio iiprove security but some say - aad its our question of the day. you think its appropriate tt record mta passengers? lot of response go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us....what you think.../. sound... off... hrr... us... a tweet.. at your answer o p fox45a for 3 nasa .... gettingginto the injurr reeab technology used on astronauts is beiig ussd. an attempted carjacking goes bad for the would-be thief... the mechanical apppication he wasn't counting on. 3 &pp-adbllbb eather tz-- this next video... jjst might have you shaking your head!a would-be carjackinn suspect... pets quite the surprise while &ppn the iddle of his crime. see theesuspect... showing... what álooksá... a gun... aa a maa... in a pickup truck..../ &pthe ... victim gets out... nd goes be
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
- with how fans ann local businesses are espeeate to keep the post-season magic 3 whh would've thought .. ad lib. thought .. addlib.who would've thought .. ad lib. 1440 t's just so eeciting 15 years we're finally n the playoffs 3415 yeaas we're finally in the playoffs 34 there's an air of anxiety ammngsttoriolee faas. as tonight ... it's o or die for the birdss 15:45 playing teeas so i don't know iihope it's -g road tonight... for a one-game, winner take all baseball battle..if they win... they'll facc the new york yankees sunday... at home....for ame one of the aamerican league division serres. 1439 i got my ticket for game one here in baltimore for when we win tonight. iill be tthre sunday night 44but ii they loss... it's the end of the birds' rrre... post-season watching the ravvns in the ssperbowl it's ike you're to end 27nats of pickles pub!!! and it's noo just fans on the nats??downtown businesses like tonight... means more big wins for átheirá bottomline. kyle 450 it's great for the city. it's great for the fans. it'' great for business, certainny we're juut ere tootaae tt ma
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
-1-1... and the little boy was rushed to a local hhspital with a broken femur... bllody nose and cuts and talking... even asking y, &pphen hh could go home. but beforeethat happens... investigators want o know iff &panyone wasswatching the child... oo if he was left alone? neighhor... nnie washington... sayssshe knows the mom needed daycare. sot "about two nights agg, shh too me. buu i never did see ck her, but when i ame back down today, this is what i seen, her baby ou know, down there on tte ground. reporter: do you think he was leff alone? i don't know. that i don't know." washingttn... who'' lived in the building 22 inquisitive. theyywanna know - this and hat , you knoo, those are children. you have to atch children." petectives from thh family crimes division and child sayyit's too early to ..police speculate on charges. myranda a state prosecutor handling the criminal case against anne &parundel county executive john leopold, is leaving her post to prosecute olice misconduct wiil join the city state'ss - attorney's office as chhef of the police inteeritt unit. gllnn has handled ssveral h
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm EDT
dot ccm. &p3 ann... locall.. n-ddubleea- -3 are... &psseaking out... on behalf... of... sameesex marr. marriage...//.at... ,,.,. baltimore news confeeence.../ thhy're... urging....reeidents.../ to... vott for... &p"question-6".... whhch... wouldd uphold... the law... &p passed.... this year... by,... the geeeral (jealous) we are pleased that question 6 is very ccear. this is about civil marriage, civil marriage is aacivii right and a matter of civil law, ppriod story."baatimore ciiy's also endorsing questioo sixx tomorrow night... preeident obama and goveenor mmtt romnny face offfin their second presidential ddbate. unddr pressure... after s receiving poor reviewssfrom tte llst debate.ttis ddbate... hhs a ifferent format.itts a town hall... moderated by c-n-n's candy crowley..ut it's ttee ndeeided voters wwo will be assing the questions. &p16 - :33 "the ccallengg is &pnot just with the people that the sttgeewith them -- sooe 80 or so unddcided voters as chosen by gallup, so thhy have to keep those fflks in mind. it's a much more intimate and
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6